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Ikuko Umemura is a Natural Allergy Care Advisor,
and a Certified Organic Expert of Institute fur Organic Business GmbH.

This blend is originally made for people who have eczema (atopic dermatitis). Welcoming people who want to treat themselves on natural allergy care to improve and clear skin from reactions.

It is a blend that is strong for detoxifying toxins from the body, cares for the intestines and boosts immunity.

Using all certified organic ingredients and caffeine free, adults and children alike can drink with peace of mind.

/ One by one, made with care

I was determined to provide you with the best quality ingredients.

So, I decided to shave, shred and sun-dry fresh organic ginger and turmeric by hand.
This stains my hands completely yellow! It might be the most time consuming task out of the whole process!

After, the other spices are mixed in and ground up together. Rooibos and dandelion roots are then added to complete the blend.

By crushing the spices with a stone mortar and pestle, the aromas are accentuated and surface areas increased, allowing the delicious properties to be extracted when brewing.


/ All packaging is plastic free.

So, there is no need to worry about the harmful endocrine disruptors (chemical substances that mimic hormones in the body → disrupts the functions of natural hormones) entering your body via the chai tea.

And of course we are ensuring zero plastic waste.


/ Completely organic,
Caffeine free,
Has detoxifying qualities,
And strengthens immunity

All while being faintly sweet and absolutely delicious! 

This tea can be enjoyed all the way up to the third brew. 
Have it straight or with milk! 



Caution: Not recommended to pregnant women or If you have a specific health concern though, please ensure you see a health practitioner for a tailored treatment plan.


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