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Caffeine Free


- From Plum Village -

from plum village

Introducing an aromatic chai tea made from a blend of 10 different spices

Sugar free but it’s naturally subtly sweet.

Said to be loved by people who don’t even like chai tea. Delicious even without milk as ‘straight’
You might not even want to call this “chai”


The tea blend that helped me through a tough time with eczema and made my skin glow, is now appreciated by many as a ‘delicious’ drink.


With absolutely no additives, this handmade chai curated from carefully selected organic ingredients, cleanses and detoxes the nasty’s from your body.


Have it cold and straight in the summer. Have it warm with your favorite milk in the winter. Enjoy this chai all year round.


Love Letters


I received my chai tea that was handmade with love by Iku. It’s rooibos based so caffeine free, AND she uses all organic ingredients. It has a pleasant blend of spices that as a benefit, have medical properties. I loved having caffeine free during my detox period. I enjoy this delicious subtly sweet chai every morning instead of coffee. I go through it so quickly I’ll need to order a larger portion next time!


My chai came in! I thought I smelt something nice when I got to the mailbox♡ I actually really dislike star anise and licorice. BUT I love this chai tea! It has the perfect blend ratio. This season, the whole house seems to be filled with an amazing aroma. I’ll try making it with nut milk next time. Thank you Iku!


I’ve been sharing some of Iku’s chai as thank you gifts to my friends and they absolutely love it. The other day, when I went to get some chai to hand out to friends at a gathering, I was stopped by my husband. Normally he does not like chai tea at all but even he was fascinated!


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